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Hay for rabbits

Hay is an absolutely indispensable food for rabbits, hay should never miss in a cage for rabbits. And of course a pet shop as we are made possible and easy that will never happen because we can offer various brands hays, in varying amounts and mixing different ingredients.

The importance of feeding hay in rabbits

Hay is not only beneficial to the digestive tract of this species, but it is the main food of rabbits. Thanks to its abundant and constant intake, the animal takes a lot of fiber that helps you in your digestion and prevents intestinal called stasis. And, moreover, rabbits love to chew hay (chewing, not gnaw, rabbits are not rodents). And that chewing process causes a beneficial and continuous filing of your teeth, that if, like rodents never stop growing.

Natural hay or mixed

Any pet food manufacturer knows the importance of this product in the diet of these small mammals, and in general of all rodents as pets with us, ie, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils and others. That's why you'll find many brands of sachets of hay, a product that is always economical. Here we will mention a few for you to choose the more comfortable your pet eats, but look calmly our catalog and see that there are many others.

In fact, all provide dry hay, a grass herb that can be found in the pockets of natural hay brands such as Vitakraft or Versele-Laga . While it is also common to find it in containers and mixed with other plants, something that occurs in nature. It is called hay with flowers that in the case of hay Cominter have him with rose petals, for example, or the Ribero hay that is available in various mixtures including with chamomile flowers, and even grains such as oats.

In other packages you can see that hay for rabbits is combined with different fruits, with Cunipic hay with wild fruits. And obviously also with all kinds of wild plants such as calendula, dandelion or thyme, in the case of hay Timothy Beaphar.

Hay at all times

Rabbits have a very delicate digestive system, so when probéis to give one or the other hay watch your digestion and bowel habits. And if you notice changes back to hay confidence. Typically, he either eat, love and also keeps them entertained in his cage, as no doubt Irlo moving from side to side, yes, always while going chewing.