Reviews: Duvo Plus

Reviews of Duvo Plus
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  • Published by on 27/01/2022

    Good item for puppy to play with but it doesn't work fully as it should. When its being rolled around it's supposed to deliver treats with timer. Unfortunately the treats are just coming out everytime it moves instead of with timer.

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  • Published by on 21/02/2021

    We had already bigger version of this for our macaw, and our cockatiel love this and always try to sit on this one when it was not occupied so we ordered smaller one specially for our cockatiel.

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  • Published by on 21/02/2021

    Properly made, birds love it, ideal size for cockatiel or similar sized birds.

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  • Published by on 18/08/2017

    The large ring is big enough for most medium to large dogs, but I wish it were a little bigger around. it is nice that it travels on its own when thrown. It makes the dogs think about where it is going. it is rather

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