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Intelligence & Interactive Toys for Dogs

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Intelligence and interactive toys for dogs

The toy section and our sport for dogs online shop animals you can provide any divertimento you're looking for your pet. Here you will find the most common games for dogs, or what is the same typical dog chews that sometimes are shaped bone and other authentic plush dogs .

But as happens with children, we can also choose to provide a set of dogs that serve at the same time for dog training. That is, dogs with toys that we will use your instincts to reinforce their learning and activate all their brain springs.

How to train a dog playing

Brands like Kong offer us numerous canine toys, and many of them serve primarily for training dogs, because they are proposals that the animal entertains, but just learning by example that can bite and what not, because different mechanisms, some in the form of bones for dogs or other designs, offer rewards when you do things right.

Toys Kong is one of the most prestigious brands in this field, but in the section of intelligence toys for dogs our pet store can see that other manufacturers are present as Trixie , Petsafe or Karlie Flamingo . Among them we suggest countless canines games based peculiar biters, but there are also puzzles, fillable objects, amazing game boards and more.

Sometimes it is really amazing canine toys because they can seem almost entertainment for humans. Although much more surprising is when we see dogs that are able to show all their intelligence by solving such games. Yes. Because there are toys for dogs with different levels of learning, and even for dogs that play alone or for others to do so in the company.

very resistant toys

All these proposals interactive dog toys, although its purpose is as subtle as the training and education of an animal, are very aware that elements plays a can. Basically their senses (sight, smell, taste and hearing) with its teeth (ie, biting) and legs (and therefore, scratch their nails).

Ultimately this type of dog accessories have to resist the onslaught of the animal, so they are made of materials such as latex, nylon or rubber. And even, there are manufacturers that have their range of toys for dogs especially resistant to biting as is the case of Kong Extreme .

And also healthy toys

But as hard as these items for dogs, always come in compositions and appropriate measures to prevent unwanted accidents or allergic conditions presentations. In fact, healthy criteria are very clear all manufacturers of the products that we propose in our pet store.

Criteria applied not only in the forms and components of toys for dogs, but even in its objectives, as brands like Starmarkt propose canine interactive toys in the animal besides learning also makes very healthy for your dental hygiene practices.