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Bones for dogs

Is there anything more topical and eating a dog gnawing on a bone? Surely it is the prototypical image of dog food and just remember to check cartoons featuring dogs. Well, that's because the hunter and carnivore of this animal in the wild nature.

A domesticated after centuries of coexistence with man character, though his deepest instincts make him always willing to gnaw, chew and eat a bone. For this reason, manufacturers of food and dog snacks like Advance , Ferplast , Arquivet or other proposed many of its food products that form bone.

The bones, real prizes for dogs

The truth is that many domestic dogs are unable to eat a real bone and your stomach, and even their teeth are not used to that kind of power and especially those hard digestions. However, they try to eat it. So many dog treats have that memory of bone shape, and can even be found in our pet shop other snacks that not only are similar in form but also in the smell, as in the case of the ham bones for dogs, they are obviously groceries, smelling ham but is not a real bone. All a delicacy for the muzzle, canine teeth and palate.

They also have some form of bone and meat flavor many dog biscuits, those owners carry in your pocket to reward the animal when he obeys or behaves correctly. This type of snacks are essential during the learning phase, so the bones for puppies are the best partner for good training.

Half food, half game

Bones for dogs may be considered food of course, since the end of the animal ingests. But also become part of a game Attention, in the section on dog toys you will see many canine diversions shaped bone that are not edible, but now we are not talking about these! Though not hesitate to take a look, if you want to surprise with a new toy to your pet!

When we talk about games for dogs, it is always related to their natural instincts practices. And in the case of the bones of dogs certainly it is activated by the sight and smell his institute by gnawing. So the game becomes an ideal medium to bring you certain nutrients that perhaps running short. To that end the bones of calcium for dogs or serving as teeth cleaning fun arise.

canine delicacies

Both sides you have them available in our catalog, and you can see we offer various types of pressed bones for dogs. Actually it is delicious snacks canine skin usually made with beef. That is also why you can find under the name of rawhide bones for dogs.

This kind of goodies are real treats for dogs. Enjoy biting, sucking, gnawing and finally eating it. Is the shape you have, as there are some evoke a bone, but others seem shoes. As if they were real leather shoes, so these must be exploited to show that shoes can bite and which are not.