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Marie K.

Kong offers toys to entertain your pet friend. This toy will encourage physical activity which is very important to maintain your dog´s health.

Air Kong Toys gives you variety of toys to choose from in order to promote exercising through playing. This toy when squeezed emits sound which is more stimulating for your pet to play.

Air Kong Toy will give your dog the need to play and exercise. This toy will keep your dog fit. This toy emits sound when squeezed, it will help your dog to be more interested in playing.

These kind of toys are recommended to practice obedience exercises: bring, drop, wait, etc. Train your dog while playing with him, it is a great and fun way how to educate your pet friend and it will give results much more faster.

KONG AirDog Squeakair Donut



The Kong Air Dog toy combines two classic dog toys, the tennis ball and the rattle toy, and brings them together in an instantly recognizable donut shape to create the perfect toy pick-up. Our durable, high quality "Air Dog" will not wear down your d ...


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Features KONG AirDog Squeakair Donut

  • Reference035585775340
  • BrandKONG
  • ColorYellow
  • ColorsYellow
  • MaterialsFelt
  • ShapeRings
  • SizeS, L, M
  • Product RangeKONG Dog Toys, KONG Chewing Toys

Description KONG AirDog Squeakair Donut

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Premesso che il mio cane adora i giochi che suonano, questo gioco è molto divertente per lui perchè suona ed è di facile presa e anche molto resistente.


Está recubierto por un material estilo "pelota de tenis" que no dura nada porque el perrete lo mastica. En la caja del producto ya se curan en salud diciendo "Atencion: no es un instrumento mordedor, sino para lanzar y devolver", pero eso vas y se lo cuentas al perro.... El mio lo dejó totalmente pelado en 3 dias, y la pelusilla que suelta se le queda por ahí entre los dientes metida, que muy bueno tampoco tiene que ser. En definitiva, yo no lo volvería a usar ni gratis. Eso sí: la idea es buena, porque al ser un anillo "deformado" bota de forma impredecible y eso divierte al perrete, buscaré otro anillo igual pero que sea simplemente de caucho.


Purtroppo il mio cucciolo non lo ha neanche guardato, ha provato a mordicchiarlo ma è molto difficile farlo suonare e quindi ha perso interesse molto rapidamente. Però l'idea non è male.

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