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The vast majority of home cats do not usually have a daily walk unlike other pets. However, that does not mean that you can not take them out for a walk occasionally to know other different places to shelter. Besides that obligation it is to go as you bear the vet or if you decide llevároslos during your holiday. To that end you can buy in our online pet store one collar or harness and leash for cats .

Cat collars

Prestigious brands in the industry of pet products, such as Trixie , Rogz or Vitakraft are present in our catalog of accessories for cats. And of course among all those items you have available a large number of models of necklaces for your kitties.

A collar for cats is usually nylon, although also can be found in other materials such as rubber collars for cats or leather, and other synthetic, polyester or plastic skin. We have a huge variety of cat - like necklaces, in countless colors, plain or patterned the most attractive.

All these necklaces are useful when out for a walk with the cat, but are also a very practical way to have it located within the home or know when to move from one room to another. The daily life of cats is based on much of her time are eternal naps in the most unpredictable places. But as good feline, when awake is always with their ears, whiskers and attentive to anything that could call his attention eyes and cause her agile movements that lead you where you would not think he was capable of reaching. From the top of the library, the windowsill or under the couch.

Find the cat

Suddenly you wonder, but where is the cat? Some of our necklaces you can solve that dilemma. For example, necklaces with bell will indicate to you when your cat moves. The variety of such supplements for cats is huge. larger or smaller bells, more colorful or just metal, more or less pronounced sounds, etc. Logically these rattles are not for life of the cat, as can break or hook on somewhere. So we offer packages with several units cat bells, so as to release it from him, you may replace a new one.

And if it is night and in low light, the favorite moments of the cats to make your walks around the house, you will be able to know where directs his steps thanks to the bright necklaces and other reflective.

And even if you want to kill two birds with one stone, ie, having located the cat but will at the same time very elegant, also have bright necklaces that appear to be jewels. Brands like Ferplast or Nobby offers models catlike necklaces high - end, luxurious look, as the leather collar is adorned with small shiny stones that simulate diamonds.

Belts and harnesses for cats

The same brands that offer models of necklaces, also have a wide range of belts and harnesses for cats . You can find them with the seal of guarantee of the aforementioned Trixie Ferplast, Vitakraft or Nobby, or other equally prestigious as Karlie Flamingo or Arquivet.

All perform harnesses cats where the design of these articles is based on the study of anatomy and feline behavior of these pets. That is, these harnesses are created to be comfortable for the animal, but at the same time are very safe when walking with them.

And the need for these harnesses walk complement are obviously straps for cats, which you will find more or less long but of a certain length, and if you wish and you have enough confidence in your pet is also possible to buy in extensible models. In fact, some are already incorporated into the set of harness for cats.

Security elements and training

The big question of all cat owners when taking them out for a walk is what if escapes me? With these respective belts harnesses and cat that is not possible by hard I try the animal. That is, they become a safety element for cats, not only not to escape, but also to avoid squabbles with other cats or with their intimate enemies, the dogs.

If necklaces variety of colors, materials and appearance is huge, so it is in our catalog harnesses for cats. But besides the aesthetics of these articles it is also very important resistance, not by the force of the animal, which also has it , but above all for its agility. In fact, if at some point you decide to educate and train your cat to improve their behavior you will have to resort to a harness and leash to guide their movements. Just do not simply incorporate these restraints, because cats are free, headstrong and very independent spirits.

Other supplements for cats

We have seen that the collars, harnesses and leashes for cats meet various functions. Serve to go for a walk, they are also useful to have them located and even are elements that help the cat training. But they still have another use.

It is highly recommended to incorporate into the collar or harness on your cat, in addition to the aforementioned bells, an accessory. It is identifying plates , pendants and even a carrying element addresses. It is a very practical item, so that in the event that your cat will escape or mislaid if someone finds him and takes him to an animal shelter, you can locate and adventurous recuperéis to your pet.