Cunipic Parakeets Food for Cockatiel

Complete food, rich in vitamins and iron, specifically developed by our nutritionists to guarantee the maximum food quality for your Parakeet. Feed according to need, and always provide clean and fresh drinking water. You can complement the food with ... See full description


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  • 1 Kg 5,21 5,21€/KG

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Ingredients Cunipic Parakeets Food for Cockatiel

Yellow Milletseed, Wheat, Striped Sunflowerseed, Peeled Oats, Canaryseed, White Milletseed, Plate Milletseed, Safflowerseed, White Sunflowerseed, Buckwheat, Red Milletseed, Sorghum, Linseed, Paddy rice, Hempseed, See-shell Grit, Stomach Gravel, Orange Aroma and Vitamins.

Features Cunipic Parakeets Food for Cockatiel

  • Reference8437010615733
  • Weight3 Kg, 1 Kg, 650 GR
  • BrandCunipic
  • Bird TypeCockatiel

Description Cunipic Parakeets Food for Cockatiel

Customer Reviews Cunipic Parakeets Food for Cockatiel

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Muy bueno, contiene exceso de pipas que son muy perjudiciales para el higado de las aves, ya que son demasiado grasas, y cosas como el grid que es perjudicial pala ninfas, por lo que no quera comprar esta marca, pero a Choco le est gustando mucho y lo compro para que engorde para el invierno, no como mixtura habitual, el resto del ao SOLO deberan consumir pipas muy ocasionalmente y como premio.


Les encanta a mis ninfas.



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